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Starting as a take out/delivery service Carlito's Cuban food is an authentic Cuban cafeteria where flavor and value are our priority. Expanding to where we are now with our main location, we strive to provide Las Vegas and the surrounding communities with the premiere Cuban food, dessert and cultural experience for all who walk through our doors or order online. We host events, have live music and have a lot planned for us in the future so stay tuned. Follow us on our social media pages to stay up to date on all things Carlitos Cuban Food!

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Original Cuban Recipes

Cuban recipes share the wisdom of combining spices and techniques inherited or by the natives, and later combined with Spanish and African cuisine, with certain Caribbean influences in spices and flavors.

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The definition of a Cuban pastry for many people who visit Carlito’s Cuban Food Bakery daily, it can mean any one of many delicious creations. Guava, Coconut, Chicken, Ham & Cheese? All are perfect additions to a Cuban pastelito, and can help build a deliciuous breakfast or lunch to be proud of.


We are very involved within our community. Not only do we host, but we also attend events all around Las Vegas. Check out what we have going on and where we are going to be!

Puerto Rican Festival

Sunday, May 28th, 2023
12 pm - 8 pm



Announcement Soon!


Announcement Soon!

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Hear what people are saying about our food, restaurant, and service! Feel free to leave us your own review on yelp!

Authentic Cuban restaurant! The ambiance is very Cuban! There are tons of pictures from Havana and lots of references and tributes to classic Cuban cultural icons! The food was delicious and very reasonably priced as well. They have a cafeteria-style set up where you can walk through and pick what you want and pay by the pound. They also offer a variety of sandwiches that you can order from the kitchen to be made real time and an assortment of Cuban pastries and desserts! I highly recommend you check them out if you're craving Cuban food!
Itzel S.
Delicious food every time we go it never changes. And always fresh. The food is packed with so much flavor you can't go wrong with any choice. Everyone is so helpful and nice. And it's always busy and music is playing so be patient waiting.
Thalya M.
The best Cuban food I've tried in Las Vegas, hands down! It is cafeteria style which I love! The authenticity is unmatched, and the food is always fresh. You get so much food for the cost, I get 2/3 portions for one. Definitely recommend this spot when craving good authentic Hispanic cuisine.
Guy Hawkins
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